Dr. Benno Böer

Programme Specialist, Natural Sciences, UNESCO Bangkok Office

Benno has significant international experience in the global environmental sciences and nature conservation, supported by a good knowledge of sustainable human living. He spearheaded professional activities in Africa, America, the Arab Region, Asia/Pacific and Europe. He currently focuses on Biosphere Reserve functioning with a special view to mangrove conservation, the plastic management, and the augmentation of people’s skills for climate resilience.

Panyot Pattanachodpinyo

Programme Assistant, Natural Sciences, UNESCO Bangkok Office

Pond is a Programme Assistant at UNESCO Bangkok office with a demonstrated history of working in the international affairs industry. With a degree in the International Business Management, he is currently functioning as an assistant in both administrative side and Programme side of all four projects under Natural Sciences.

Mehrnaz Jalali

Intern at UNESCO Bangkok, Natural Sciences

Mehrnaz is a Ph.D. candidate in Management Science and Engineering at NJUST, China, and is working on Sustainability Assessment Tools in Supply Chain systems. Through her academic research, she wishes to strive for a green world without plastic waste, and to practice her theoretical and academic knowledge, she has joined UNESCO Bangkok office as an intern, and has involved in Plastic Initiative as well as Mangrove Conservation Projects.


Intern at UNESCO Bangkok, Natural Sciences

Haoyu, with a Bachelor’s degree in Management, is an environmentalist. He always actively participates in various sustainable related development activities, obtaining extensive experience in environmental protection. As an intern and project participant, he mainly focuses on ‘Mangroves’ in Asia and the Pacific region.

Henning Schwarze

Q4A Moderator

Henning is a geographer, consultant and producer in sustainability issues, with international experience in media, tourism and environmental concerns. As a keynote speaker and project developer, he is primarily active in Germany, East Africa, the Arabian Peninsula and the Indo-Pacific region.



Sky holds a bachelor’s degree in Public Finance and a future master’s degree in International Economics. She is passionate about environmental protection, poverty alleviation and human development. Her previous experience includes UNDP, AIIB, and many other NGOs, in the fields of education improvement, monitoring and evaluation, and women empowerment. She will focus on promoting ‘Green Academies’ and increasing the future generation’s awareness on climate change and environmental sustainability.